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SEO Hosting – Is It Still Effective?

seo web hostingWhen the internet first started, webmasters and site owners could not even phathom the meaning of search engine optimization. But as it became more and more of a proven way to generate quality traffic, savvy entrepreneurs have figured out how to manipulate the search engines to obtain top rankings, which potentially would explode their online traffic and sales.

In the wild west days of seo, you could have thousands of links pointing to your money sites from just a handful of domains and you could rank almost anything. It didn’t matter if the links were quality or not, it was all about quantity.

But as the Search Engines got wise to this technique, they started discounting multiple links coming from the same domain. So instead of having all those links count towards your rankings, only a few from each domain would carry any ranking power.

The Birth of C Class IP Hosting

Smart seo’ers and some web hosting companies realized that the more links that came from different domains (ip diversity) that were themed and relevant, provided the most ranking power and so c class ip hosting was born.

Savy seo’ers were able to put their money sites on different ip’s as well as build out their own private blog network all under one hosting account, making things very efficient and effective.

This technique worked for years, but it wasn’t long before Google figured out how to spot these networks and the ranking power of this technique rapidly declined.

The Massive Footprint Left Behind By Seo Hosting Companies

The way Google figured out how to spot these accounts was how the c class hosting packages are put together. It doesn’t matter if you are using an seo hosting vps or just the normal SEO hosting services, they all structure their packages the same way.

For instance, if you bought a 10 c-class ip hosting package from you would get asigned ip’s that look like this:

This is called an “ordered” ip block and it’s what you get when you order hosting from the top Seo Hosting companies. See how easy it is for Google to detect these ordered ip blocks?

Since Google knows which seo hosting services are selling different c class ip hosting packages and they know the ip blocks that belong to those hosting companies, all they did was diminish the power of any out-going links from within those ip blocks.

Plus any site that was attached to one of those ip’s raised a big red flag to Google, which makes them a very risky place to host your money sites and your PBN.

By identifying this massive footprint that the traditional SEO web hosting companies leave behind, Google was able to effectively kill the ranking power that this technique had.

Update: Our research has found that people interested in Seo hosting have been getting great results using Keep reading to see how they are revolutionizing the industry.

Cloak Hosting – Born Out of Neccessity

Because of the obvious problems that come with the traditional c class Seo hosting services, a new type of c class ip hosting was born.

Cloak hosting – the next generation of SEO web hosting, providing you with all the ranking power that seo’ers have come to expect, but without the massive footprint.

They are the ONLY ones in the entire industry doing what they do which is very different from and similar competitors.

As we discussed above, and their competitors put you in a block of servers whose ONLY users are SEO’ers. This means that all your “server neighbors” (the people hosting websites with you in the same IP) are all people hosting blog networks, that go against Google’s Terms of Service.

Since these servers are 100% filled with blog networks, it’s very easy for Google to blacklist the entire server and de-index all sites hosted in it. Footprints in this sense are massive.

What makes cloakhosting so different is they don’t use servers that are only filled with blog network owners. Instead, they use shared hosting servers spread across the globe. This means that all your server neighbors are NOT blog networks but traditional webmasters hosting traditional websites.

By doing this your sites are hidden among hundreds of non-SEO websites, making it impossible for Google to blacklist the entire server because that would de-index a lot of sites with good quality content, something that search engines don’t want.

They also have the technology to provide you with a centralized management service so you can host all your sites under the same cPanel account, while simultaneously hosting those sites across hundreds of different shared hosting servers.

SEO Hosting Reinvented From The Ground Up

Now don’t let this technical mumbo-jumbo throw you off. The reality is, you don’t really need to understand any of this. But on the same hand it is extremely important that you understand how different Cloak Hosting is. They are light years ahead of their competitors and because of that, they should be your only choice when choosing hosting for seo.

So let me break down for you a little further the lengths cloakhosting goes through to ensure you stay completely off Googles radar.

When you open an account with you get access to a secret cPanel server where all domains are hosted together. Now normally this would scream “footprint”, but the unique part of the service is that you get the convenience of managing all your domains under a single panel, while keeping the secrecy and cloaking of having sites hosted across multiple shared hosting servers.

How does it work? Simple, your domains will NOT be pointing to the cPanel server where they are all hosted together. Instead they will be pointing to a variety of shared “cloak” servers.

Now I know what you are thinking… how will your sites display correctly if they’re not actually being hosted in those cloaked servers? The answer is very technical but here it goes.

In each of those cloaked servers, there’s a special script installed, that fetches files from your secret cPanel server and displays them to the public. This is done via a form of caching.

So to the public (visitors and search engine bots) the fetched files and thus your site is considered to be hosted in that cloaked server. By setting it up this way, your sites appear to be mixed in with hundreds of normal everyday websites, completely eliminating the massive footprint left behind by the traditional seo website hosting companies.

The technology behind was designed and coded from scratch by them, which makes them the only company in the entire industry that does what they do. The whole caching script that fetches files from a secret cPanel server, as well as the management dashboard, has all been scripted by CloakHosting’s developers.

So the take-away here is that when you host your sites with you are spreading your sites across multiple Class A blocks in multiple data centers across the globe, mixing your sites in with normal everyday websites, which makes everything appear as completely natural to the search engines.

What To Expect When You Open A CloakHosting Account

To experience the power behind their technology they are offering a 14-day free trial so you can see for yourself just how different they are.

But I feel the need to warn you that the way you open an account with them is probably different then what you experienced before. Every account is facebook verified meaning you have to verify who you are by linking your facebook account to your Cloak Hosting account. Then your account is manually reviewed to make sure you are who you say you are and you’re not working for any search engine company who wants to expose this technology.

I’m sure for obvious reasons you can see the need for this manual review and verification.

Once your account is approved which can take a couple days you can begin setting up your sites. I realize for some people who have no patience, this can seem like an inconvenience but make no mistake about it… doing things this way ensures the longevity of this service and the power it can bring to your backlinking efforts and thus your rankings.

Next is the process of setting up your domains. This too is not like anything you’ve experienced before. There is nothing complicated about it but there is a process to doing it. Once you’ve done one you will be an expert at it, I promise.

Cloak hosting does have tutorials that you can watch but what I found would have helped me even more is if someone would have put together a video walking me through the entire process from start to finish.

Here’s What I’m Offering If You Take The Free Trial

Because I’m so positive you will fall in love with this company for your seo hosting needs, I want to make sure you aren’t left wondering what step to take next.

So what I’ve done is if you take them up on the free 14-day trial through one of my links on this page, I’ll send you a bonus video (a couple in fact). The first video will walk you through the entire process, right from creating your account to setting up your dns servers… everything.

Trust me when I say… you will appreciate the video once you get inside and see for yourself just how different things are done.

Plus I will provide you my skype address that you can use if you run into any problems along the way. I doubt you will after watching my video but I’m making it available as extra support if you need it.

On top of that I’ve also put together a bonus video that walks you through in step-by-step fashion how to set up your wordpress sites with all the plugins you need to make each of your sites an seo powerhouse. (Hint: do not use all-in-one-seo)

Not only is this bonus video going to show you exactly how to set up wordpress to be an seo machine, I’m also going to reveal what you need to do with-in your wordpress backoffice to eliminate the footprint left behind after you do your wordpress install.

Most people don’t realize that the wordpress platform leaves a footprint that Google (or your competitors if they are smart enough) can use to find your sites. This is extremely important if you are running a PBN (private blog network) as it has the potential of exposing your entire network.

To get these bonus videos just send me an email at: 100kteamtraining[at] after you sign up and I’ll send over the videos, after I verify that you signed up through one of my links on this page of course ;)

If you are someone who really understands the power of different c class ip hosting and you are looking for a cheap seo hosting company who does things the way they are meant to be done (Ie. not leaving a gigantic footprint for Google to find), then I think you’ll be very happy with cloak hosting.

So Start Your 14-day Free Trial Here Today.



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