Website Hosting Tips

In order to make money online you need a website of some kind. Most people put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect website with the highest conversions, nicest looking site they can with high hopes it’s going to make them a bunch of money, but they completely overlook one of the most important aspects of having a website and that is the hosting company that they are going to host their site with.

Because a hosting company plays such an important role in the success of your website, it’s imperative that you chose the right one that can grow with your business. Not all hosting is created equal as they vary greatly in their reliability, webspace, bandwidth, marketing tools, etc. So below are the absolute necessities you should require from any web hosting company you choose.

Disk Space and Bandwidth Should Be Unlimited

Web space refers to how many files you can put on your hosting server. The more webspace you have, the larger you can grow you site. Not only does having lots of web-space allow you to grow your site with content but it also allows you the freedom to set up lots of applications (software) as needed. Basically there is no reason not to have unlimited space to grow your site.

As shocking as it is, some web hosting companies still put a cap on the amount of bandwidth (traffic) that a web site can receive. And as your site grows and more visitors come to your site, your bandwidth requirement increase. If your hosting company has put a cap on your bandwidth, once that cap is reached, your site basically “turns off” and won’t be accessible by your visitors anymore. Or they will charge you a premium if you go over your bandwidth cap.

For obvious reasons this is something you want to avoid at all costs and in this day-and-age there is no reason not to have unlimited bandwidth.

Webhosting Servers Should Be As Close To 100% Uptime As Possible

In a perfect world where there is no technical difficulties or hardware/software malfunctions, your hosting server would have 100% uptime, meaning that your site would be live and visible to your visitors all the time. But in the real world this just doesn’t happen.

But your hosting company should be able to get to at least a 99% uptime. Having your sites hosted on a server that can not provide at least a 99% uptime, means that your host is unreliable and you are hurting your business.

Your Webhost Should Offer More Than Just Hosting

No matter what host you choose they must provide the basic c-panel, fantastico, etc. But besides the stuff that should be standard they should also provide certain marketing tools that online businesses need to grow their business.

These are marketing tools like autoresponders and conferencing software and video hosting. As a business owner, these are tools that you will have to pay for eventually and there is no reason why your hosting company can’t provide them to you.

A lot of times this area is the deciding factor on which hosting company to go with. The better web hosting companies will provide these tools to you as a part of your hosting plan.

Whatever provider you decide to opt for just remember that the performance of your site depends on your web hosting service. Ensure that you trust your web site only to the experts. Opt for a webhosting company that comprehends the needs of an online marketer.